Purse Hooks

Going out to a restaurant is always a lot of fun, especially when it comes to dolling yourself up and bringing your favourite purse with you. That being said, it's frustrating when you get there and have nowhere to put that treasured purse, so you're stuck holding it on your lap the whole time. Well, not anymore. My purse hooks are the perfect answer to your problem. It is a folding purse hanger that will be perfect for your dining table so that you can have somewhere for your purse to hang, while also making sure that you can keep on eye on it in terms of someone knocking it over, or, worse case scenario, stealing something from it. You can find a variety of polymer clay designs, that you can match with any purse and outfit. These folding handbag hooks are convenient to put anywhere and take with you without losing valuable storage space that you're going to be relying on as you go about and do your daily activities.