All inclusive bathroom sign
Gender neutral bathroom sign
Unisex restroom sign
Unisex All Inclusive Bathroom Sign
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Unisex All Inclusive Bathroom Sign

Regular price $24.00

Looking for a unique all inclusive bathroom sign ? This set is available as gender neutral or gender neutral+disabled set.

Restroom signs are a must for any restaurant, bar , office or any other public space.  Often times bathroom signs as well as bathroom décor are overlooked. 

Made from dark metallic color polymer clay, the signs have a textured  pattern surface. 

Easy to attach to any door, each order comes with a piece of a re-usable adhesive. You can easily remove the signs and put them on another door in no time.

Size for gender neutral sign: 6.5 inch high including the gap between head and body.

                                  4 inch in its widest point. 

Comes in 3 separate pieces . 

The handicap sign comes in 3 separate pieces as well and is approximately 5.25 inch high.

Each set is made to order within 7 days. 

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