How to Mount Bathroom Signs on the Door with a Help of a Reusable Adhesive

Here is a quick tutorial on how to mount the bathroom signs that you can purchase in my store.

All my signs come with a piece of a reusable adhesive for a quick mount. The huge advantage is that you can remove and replace the signs as many times as you want without damaging your door.  

I use this particular adhesive for a few reasons: it is reusable, does not dry, holds well, easy to remove if necessary.

You will receive a rectangular piece of it that looks like this:

That is all you need to stick the set on the door ( you will even end up with left overs) . Cut or tear this rectangle into 4 pieces.

Take each piece and work it with your fingers. It is soft like a chewing gum.


Turn the bathroom sign over and firmly press the adhesive into the surface.

Now you are all set to mount it on the door. Firmly press the figure with the adhesive to the door.

Repeat times 4. Have fun with it! Choose the distance between the figures and their heads . See if you like them higher on the door or in the middle, far apart or close together or maybe you put them on different doors in your coffee shop, office or restaurant. 

And voila, you have just finished your bathroom door decoration!

If you changed your mind and want to change the location of the signs, no problem! Gently pull the figure and it will easily come off the door.

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